5 Ways to Avoid Bad Scalp Micropigmentation Results

For anyone researching SMP, you’ll have seen bad scalp micropigmentation results on the net. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If scalp micropigmentation is administered correctly and with expertise, it is the perfect solution for concealing hair loss.

Any professional SMP provider will apply natural pigments to create a seamless blend that works in harmony with the complexion of the receiver. It is a life-changing treatment and to receive this contemporary procedure will work towards rebuilding self-esteem and confidence levels caused by hair loss.

Here is a step-by-step process to ensure you avoid bad scalp micropigmentation results

  1. Use a properly trained scalp micropigmentation practitioner
    Skin varies from person to person. A correctly trained scalp micropigmentation technician understands this and the scalp is the practitioner’s canvas. Certain surfaces are damaged by scarring or previous hair restoration solutions that haven’t worked. Skin also comes in a multitude of shades, some of which can be a challenge to match, likewise for the type of skin. All of this requires knowledge and professional practitioners are fully trained in the physiology of the skin to ensure they use the correct pigments, depth of implant and appropriate materials.
  2. Ensure your practitioner has administered scalp micropigmentation before
    To be very clear, permanent makeup artists and tattoo artists who are trained solely in their chosen profession are not qualified to administer scalp micropigmentation. The only way to avoid the risks of receiving a bad scalp micropigmentation treatment is to use a practitioner that is properly trained in the industry. To add to this, it is important to note that newly trained technicians will have gained experience through their academy and they should certainly not be excluded from your technician choice.
  3. Verify your practitioner by carefully studying their gallery of previous work
    Technicians will all have a gallery of previously administered scalp micropigmentation treatments. Make sure you ask if it was the practitioner you are talking to who carried out the work on the photographs in question and also, don’t hesitate to verify if they have been digitally reworked. This is common practice and filters can hide a multitude of sins. A decent SMP provider will be able to show you clear and concise examples through photographic images of previous works they have done.
  4. Reputation, reputation, reputation…
    Ask around about the credibility of your chosen clinic and practitioner. Do they come with cast-iron reviews? Has their reputation created a word-of-mouth buzz amongst your local community? Never before has it been easier to clarify a position in any given industry. Use social media platforms to search for references and don’t be afraid to ask your technician how you can verify their positive prominence.
  5. The comfort factor
    And finally, do you feel at ease with the clinic you’ve chosen to administer your pending scalp micropigmentation treatment. If you have any questions or doubts which you feel can’t be answered then maybe you should be questioning your choices?

If you would like to know more about how to avoid bad scalp micropigmentation results then connect with Advanced SMP right here, or alternatively, check out our portfolio of previously administered SMP on Instagram.

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