Mike Greene

Around the age of 19, Mike first experienced the early stages of hair loss. By age 21, he had his first hair transplant procedure performed. For 20+ years, Mike had multiple strip and FUE surgeries. Even after the hair replacement surgeries, the hair still had to be styled in ways to conceal the fact that there still wasn’t the density he desired. The hair couldn’t be worn at shorter lengths due to the visible scarring on the back of the head. In early 2012 he discovered Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), also known as hair tattooing. 

After extensive research, in May 2012, he traveled to New York City to start his treatments. At first, the treatment was desired to enhance the transplanted hair and to camouflage the scars. Fascinated with the results, he decided to keep the shaved look and decided to receive training and offer others in North Carolina the same benefits without the extensive and expensive travel. Hair loss options have been a major part of his adult life and he fully understands the negative side effects that are often experienced with hair loss.

Mike at Carolina Scalp Center

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Mike Greene