Affordable Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments For Women

Male pattern baldness is so well documented. We all know that it affects a huge volume of the world’s population by the time they reach a certain age. However, recently, the taboo subject of female pattern baldness is now being pushed into the limelight. Which is why affordable Scalp Micropigmentation treatments for women are hitting the high street with force.

Female pattern baldness is a bigger problem than you may initially realize. It’s clear that with some women it’s more noticeable than for others but did you know it affects around half of the female population? Yet unlike male pattern baldness, which generally follows the course of a receding hairline, women suffering from this alopecia type will discover a widening of the hair’s natural parting. However, alongside this expanding parting there can also be a loss of hair density which can be particularly distressing to sufferers.

But what is SMP for women and does it really differ from the scalp micropigmentation for men?

In essence, scalp micropigmentation is an aesthetics procedure where natural pigments are implanted across the scalp using a microneedle. These pigments take the form of a series of microdots. The result of SMP for women will be an appearance of density owing to underlying shading of the scalp. Of course, for men, the pattern of this type of alopecia is different. Because of this, the result is, thereafter an overall appearance of a closely shaved head, synonymous to that of the iconic buzz-cut.

So with the above taken into consideration, what should be the expected cost of Scalp Micropigmentation treatments for women? Well, it’s going to depend on where you live and also on how drastic your hair loss actually is. So to sum up, the price of scalp micropigmentation for women will be an average of around the £1,500 mark. This will increase or decrease depending on the severity of hair loss and is very much aimed towards female pattern baldness over other alopecias.

Fast Facts About Scalp Micropigmentation for Women

  • You won’t have to shave your existing hair for it to be effective. A technician can work through your existing hairline section by section and your scalp micropigmentation cost will remain the same.

  • For anyone considering the benefits of treatment for hair loss or thinning, assessments are made from a specific scale which measures the severity of the pattern baldness. The cost of female scalp micropigmentation will be established using this chart which is called the Ludwig scale.

  • For further consideration, SMP is also extremely competent at scar concealment following on from maybe burns or surgery. The cost of Scalp Micropigmentation for women, in this case will be on independent assessment in accordance with the type of scarring and also a skins physiology.

Affordable scalp micropigmentation treatments for women are becoming widely available and also, becoming much less of a taboo subject matter. For anyone suffering from hair loss it really is a life-changing treatment. Post-treatment, confidence levels can be significantly restored and the psychological impact hair loss has been causing, rapidly and effectively reduced.

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