Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt?

Are you considering SMP treatment but the pain element is holding you back? This is a “majority of people ask” type question, in other words, most who enter into our clinic want to know, does scalp micropigmentation hurt?

Scalp micropigmentation, also known as the abbreviated term SMP, works by tiny dots of specifically designed natural pigment being implanted lightly underneath the waterproof barrier of your skin. This barrier is known as the Epidermis and the implants hit just below, hitting the upper second layer known as the Dermis. The said implants are administered by a machine fitted with a fine microneedle.

When you read the above paragraph it’s pretty clear – there is going to be discomfort, you can’t look at it in any other way. However, one does have to ask oneself at what point this is deemed as pain over discomfort. And the answer lies solely on thresholds.

Most people receiving scalp micropigmentation report that the sensation they feel whilst the technician is working is more one of discomfort. With an element of irritation and itching after treatment is completed. However, some do claim minor pain – yet it’s limited.

If you are concerned about scalp micropigmentation treatment hurting there are ways of managing the pain and they work as follows :

Strategies for Scalp Micropigmentation Pain Management

  • Anesthetic creams for numbing the skin. If this is your chosen route, always speak to your technician beforehand. They will be able to point you in the right direction regarding brands and also may prefer certain creams over others.
  • Medication that can be bought over the counter. These include ibuprofen and any other codeine-based pain killers. It’s important to know that any medication which thins the blood, and this includes Aspirin, is off-limits as it’s incompatible with scalp micropigmentation treatments.
  • Any relaxation techniques such as Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga or Tai Chi stretches. This is because pain is linked to tension in muscles. If the muscles become relaxed the pain is easier to manage.
  • And finally… here’s one that might be a little less obvious. Relax the mind and body with some gentle exercise before your treatment. A gentle run, a walk through the park or even a simple stroll to the clinic instead of taking the car. Any exercise is a great form of relaxation – give it a try and find out.

There are no ways of sugar-coating it if you are susceptible to pain and worried about your pending scalp micropigmentation hurting, it’s going to be a nerve-racking journey. However, trying the above techniques will certainly work towards relieving the burden, whether it be through medication or a more holistic route. And any of the above will provide a certain amount of relief.

If you are one of the majority who was wondering does scalp micropigmentation hurt then don’t hesitate to reach out to us? We can walk you through your fears and talk to you about your future treatment program.

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