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There can be minor discomfort, nothing unbearable for the majority of clients. Any level of discomfort for the short amount of time of the procedure is well worth the years of enjoyment of the results.

Four hours will be allowed per session but usually doesn’t require that amount of time. This includes planning, preparation, breaks, etc. (especially for the 1st treatment)

Upon completion, it appears completely natural. The tiny cartridges used replicate hair follicles to near perfection.

It’s not necessary. This can be taken care of at the clinic. It will be best not to completely shave so that existing hair can be seen for proper blending.

After the fourth day, gently washing is recommended. This is to not dislodge any tiny scabs that may have formed. Dislodging scabs could possibly remove the pigment that has been inserted.

You should expect some minor fading over time and could need a touch-up between 3 and 6 years. At this time, there would only be an hourly rated charged. Sunscreen is your friend and can go a long way in preventing premature fading.

You will be able to enjoy swimming after 7-10 days after the procedure.

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