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Many people who do not understand what scalp micropigmentation is, refer to it by different names, one of the most common is Hair Tattoo. The reason they call it a hair tattoo is due to the procedure involved in creating the hair loss solution. Pigment is deposited under the skin to create an image. Unlike traditional tattooing, this image is not a fancy picture of a flower or a skull, it is a hair tattoo, the image is the replication of thousands of hair follicles, also known as microdots.

Although traditional tattooing and a hair tattoo are similar in some ways, they also have a lot of differences from the needles to the pigment to the depth the pigment is deposited. A hair tattoo does not change color and will leave you with natural, realistic results. The most important thing about a hair tattoo is ensuring you find the right artist. If you walk into any tattoo studio and ask for a hair tattoo, you are unlikely to get scalp micropigmentation. So, do your research, find the right artist, make sure you see results and testimonials, and let them restore your confidence as well as your hairline.

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