Scalp Micropigmentation For Bald Spots

Scalp micropigmentation for bald spots. Does it truly make a difference and how does SMP work?

Bald spots occur for a multitude of different reasons. It affects both men and women alike, yet the most commonly reported reason is male pattern baldness. Reports show that 95% of hair loss is caused by this disorder and the NHS claims over half of those cases will take effect by the time a man reaches fifty years of age. Yet pattern baldness isn’t the only reason hair loss occurs.

What is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata is a condition where coin-sized patches of hair loss appear across the scalp. This debilitating condition can affect people of any age group, however, typically it starts in early adulthood and the patches where hair loss occurs can regrow as quickly as it began. Alopecia is extremely unpredictable and the bald patches can move from zone to zone across the scalp. In extreme cases, the condition can develop into more the more severe disorder known as Alopecia Totalis which means that hair loss is across the entirety of the scalp and not limited to just patches.

The causes of Alopecia Areata are notoriously under-researched but what has been reported is that the condition is closely linked to changes in genetics that function in the skin, hair and immune system. But despite the little knowledge that’s known, what is apparent is that the condition occurs when the white blood cells attack hair follicles. This causes shrinkage and a slowing down of hair production. The reason your immune system targets the follicles is unknown, however, the disorder is classified as an immune system disorder.

The Psychological Impact of Alopecia Areata

In typical cases of Alopecia, there is no physical pain attached to the disorder. However, the emotional pain is another matter. The psychological consequences can be nothing short of overwhelming with commonly reported cases of increased anxiety levels, depression, and crushed self-esteem and confidence levels. Hair restoration solutions are hard to find and medical treatments are known to be unreliable. For this reason, scalp micropigmentation for bald spots is a welcomed procedure. It is a treatment that doesn’t provide the promise of promoting new hair growth as its an aesthetic one that conceals the devastation alopecia leaves in its wake. Because of this, it is one that’s guaranteed to work.

How is SMP Administered With Alopecia?

Scalp micropigmentation is an innovative and contemporary treatment that works by concealing the devastation. It is administered by a fully trained and qualified practitioner who implants natural pigments beneath the hairline and underneath the barrier of your skin. To carry out the treatment, the technician uses a handheld machine fitted with a microneedle, and techniques are similar to that of permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing. The result is an appearance of fake hair follicles growing under the skin which provides an underlying shading that masks the bald patches and leaves them invisible to the naked eye.

If you are suffering from Alopecia and wish to know how scalp micropigmentation for bald spots can work for you, then reach out to us today and book your free consultation here at Advanced SMP.

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