Scalp Micropigmentation For Density

We are all a little preconditioned in our ideas and one of those that stands out tall is the idea that hair is only beautiful when it’s thick and flowing. For this very reason, more and more clinics and technicians in the industry are receiving clients looking for scalp micropigmentation for density.

There is a myriad of different reasons hair begins thinning. And something that seems to be brushed a little under the carpet when it comes to discussion points is that it can happen to women – it’s not just a male affliction. In fact, a lack of density hits just under half of women under the age of fifty, with men tipping the post at just over half by fifty. On saying that, men can experience thinning at some pretty young ages with diffuse thinning occurring as young as late teens.

Albeit there are a number of different causes for diffuse thinning, it generally is linked to the age-old problem of pattern baldness. Also known as Androgenetic Alopecia it is a condition that is closely linked to both genetics and hormones and once it begins to happen, it’s an impossible order to reverse.

There are certainly solutions out there for diffuse thinning, such as medication in the forms of shampoos and foams which promote new hair growth. These are expensive and often take months to begin to work, if, at all they do begin to work, that is. Alternatively, there is light and laser therapy which comes with its own set of issues being there is such a lack of research that long term side effects are unknown. And there is the hair transplant, which is typically more successful than over-the-counter or prescribed medication, however, they are not guaranteed to work and thinning will continue.

In essence, looking at the above makes for some pretty depressing and dismal reading. If you summarise the totality of the traditional hair restoration methods, you are left with nothing but expensive risks and ongoing psychological pain. For this reason, scalp micropigmentation for density is beginning to make a steady yet incredibly strong household name for itself.

Unlike transplants and medication, scalp micropigmentation is guaranteed to work. The reason is simple. It’s because it conceals the problem instead of working to promote new growth.

Scalp micropigmentation treatments work a little like permanent makeup or tattooing in its technique. Pigment is implanted underneath the skins outer layer using a microneedle, fitted to a machine, in a series of tiny dots. Once the pinpricks created by the microneedle heal over, the series of dots become trapped underneath the skin which appears in the form of imitation hair follicles. The result is an underlying shading to mask the problem diffuse thinning causes.

Whenever a technician administers scalp micropigmentation for density you are not required to shave your scalp, work can be carried out throughout the existing hair, section by section. In addition, should you be using prescribed or over-the-counter medication to promote new hair growth, post-treatment, these will continue to carry on working.

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